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Corporate Culture


Whole” – Represents people gathering as a whole, people of the modern society meeting and

gathering because of  socializing.


Haruki Murakami: “The sense of ritual is a very important matter. ”

A cup of specialty coffee is also a form of loving life.

Through technology and the strict adherence to craftmanship, from farms to factories to coffee houses,

from raw beans to roasted beans to coffee, from a traceable supply chain to a complete coffee ecosphere,

Whole Team Group provides a coffee platform which covers everything from head to tail.

Our aim is to combine various types of coffee products together for the enjoyment and selection of

coffee lovers from all walks of life.


Carrying the most sincere hearts, using the most natural brewing methods,

we hope to share with you an excellent cup of coffee within a hundred and fifty seconds.

Join our team If you’re an energetic and motivated person in search of a career you’ll love.

Our Brands

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BLUSHBEAN Coffee, an original coffee brand created by a barista.  


BLUSHBEAN believes strongly that good coffee is not just an  adventure of the tastebuds alone, but more a sense of ritual when  the inner self experiences a pure, unblemished taste, just like how  the flesh and soul are knitted tightly together.  

BLUSHBEAN Coffee is committed to spread the sense of ritual of  coffee to every corner of the world, to let it seep into our daily  life.  

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Within my family culture, a coffee ritual is carried out almost every day.


My father is the one who prepares the coffee, with

a ritual including the full process of roasting coffee beans,

grinding the beans, brewing and finally,

pouring out three  rounds of coffee.


To my father, this is a sacred ritual.  

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is an asset management company that provides quality residential products and life services.


The company will use online and offline sources to find suitable housing, while providing tenants with necessary services.


Compared with traditional house leasing methods,

PARS’s flexible lease term is another outstanding advantage

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The Andrea Formilli Fendi Winery is located in Umbria, Italy. It is a boutique winery which focuses on producing high quality red wine.

The concept of this winery is to combine winemaking with

nature and art. 


Andrea Formilli Fendi, the founder of the Fendi winery grew up in the famous Italian luxury brand family, the Fendi family.


This strong artistic family influence gave Andrea his sense of imagination and innovation. After his father passed away, Andrea, as the heir, decided to reform the family’s Le Corgne Wine Estate.


He combined art, nature and wine, giving birth to his own brand of red wine, the Fendi Winery.


In 2005, he put together his love for French grape varieties and local terroirs, planting Sangiovese, Malvasia, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc in his vineyard. 

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