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Whole Team(Hong Kong)

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Wholeteam Industrial Co. , Ltd

Wholeteam Industrial Co. , Ltd is located in Hong Kong. Our main businesses  include the promotion and sales of all products under Wholeteam in Hong Kong,  Taiwan and Macau.


We have also established a High-end Customer Experience  Center in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, which allows customers to undergo a first-hand  experience of all our products and services.


Customers are also invited to coffee  training courses held regularly at the Experience Center.

At the same time, our  company also engages in the procurement of coffee bean farms by purchasing land  where coffee originates from on a worldwide scale.  

Whole Team (Shenzhen)

WholeteamTrading Co. , Ltd. (Shenzhen) 

Wholeteam Trading Co. , Ltd. (Shenzhen) is located in Shenzhen.

Its main  businesses include the designing of all products and brands under Wholeteam

as well as the promotion and sales of these products in Mainland China.


We  provide our customers with customised coffee-related services, such as office  and hotel coffee plans and planning of new shop openings. In order to  establish the number one coffee brand in China, our company signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement with the Golden Tree Coffee Farm in  Yunnan.


This allows us to ensure the high quality of coffee beans from our  company throughout

the entire country.


To provide the best services to our  customers, we have also collaborated with known companies linked with the  sales and producing of coffee-making equipment within the country, allowing  us to provide the most suitable coffee-making equipment for our customers. 


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